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Living the Dream uses demographic data, email opt-ins, display advertising, and affiliate links to operate this site. Please review our Terms and Conditions for more information and our Privacy Policy. When it comes to traveling around Indonesia, one of the hardest things to plan for is, surprisingly, what cities you will stay in.

This is not due to the fact that there are limited options in the country, these are actually plentiful, but is rather due to the fact that a lot of your time exploring the country is on day trips- making finding a good home base quite important! One lesser visited destination is Surabaya, and what this town may lack in a conventional tourist scene it more than makes up for in its day trip options! All you have to do is pick the best room to stay in during your visit, such as Hotel Mercure Surabaya as one great option, and off you go!

But what can you see while exploring the region? The following are some of the most popular, and with a central hub in Surabaya you can make the most of your stay without requiring too many extra days! Don’t wait until the last minute to buy travel insurance. Get your next trip covered today! This site contains many Hindu-Buddhist statues and artifacts, an impressive museum, bathing pools for rituals, and so much more. Although other archaeological sites in South East Asia may be more popular, for visitors to Indonesia looking to get outside the beaten path, this one is a must see.

Malang Photo Credit — FreeImages. Like Surabaya, Malang has a long and rich history that is best explored through visiting local temples and eating your way around the many restaurants and markets full of authentic and fresh Indonesian food.

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May 14,  · Haedar Nashir, a central executive board member of Muhammadiyah, Indonesia’s second largest Islamic organization, slammed the suicide bomb attacks at three churches in Surabaya, East Java, and.

History of rail transport in Indonesia Indonesian Railways Co. Indonesia gained independence in , the separate systems except the Deli Railway were combined into the Djawatan Kereta Api. Indonesian State Railway Corporation in The prediction is it will be doubled in 5 years. Much of the branch lines constructed in the colonial era has been lifted up or abandoned in the s.

No major railway construction has since taken place, however, many of the busiest lines have been double tracked. The project will be divided into 2 segments: Manggarai-Bekasi, 15 kilometres long and scheduled to be finished in and Bekasi-Cikarang, 17 kilometres long scheduled to be finished in [11] Airport line to the Sukarno-Hatta International Airport.

Rebuilding of the Aceh railway, with assistance from the French railway company Building new kilometres-long track between Cibungur and Tanjungrasa station. This shortcut will make trains from Bandung to Semarang do not need to go through Cikampek station. Railway lines are also planned to be built on the currently railway-free islands of Kalimantan [13] and Sulawesi.

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Islamic State A second family of suicide bombers has struck the Indonesian city of Surabaya, a day after a couple and their four children attacked three churches, killing 14 people. The police said an eight-year-old girl from the family survived, while her mother, father and two brothers died. Ten others were reportedly injured. According to the police and eyewitnesses, the mother, Puji Kuswati, 42, tried to force her way into the Indonesia Christian Church with her two daughters, aged 12 and 9, and triggered an explosive when she was stopped by security.

Police at the site of one of three suicide bombings at churches in Surabaya on Sunday Credit: All six family members died. In a separate incident on Sunday evening, in the suburb of Sidoarjo, a man acqainted with Dita detonated an explosive as police closed in on his apartment, killing his wife and one of his children, and injuring another three. Hundreds of Indonesians have flocked to Syria and Iraq in recent years to join Islamic State forces, raising fears that they could regroup when they return home.

The police corrected their initial claims that the family had returned from Isil-controlled Syria but said that the father was a local leader of the extremist network Jamaah Ansharut Daulah JAD which supports the Islamic State terrorist group.

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I was more than happy to visit the less popular locations in East Java. I hopped on a plane to Surabaya and was ready to spend the next four days exploring Surabaya, Malang and Mt. Photo taken on the plane to Surabaya. AirAsia flies daily from Singapore to Surabaya. Surabaya is not your bona fide tourist destination or party city. To most foreign visitors, Surabaya may merely seem like a good place of transit to the rest of Java.

To the Indonesians however, Surabaya is Kota Pahlawan City of Heroes , and is closely linked to the birth of their nation and battle for independence, and statues commemorating independence are scattered all over the city. To a glutton like me, Surabaya means sambal chilli and avocado juice. Indonesian food is a high-wire balancing act, one that pits salty, sour, sweet and hot against each other in equal and opposite measures.

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Some people consider Jayabaya’s prophecy as being about the great war between native Surabayan people and foreign invaders at the start of the war of independence in Another story tells of two heroes who fought each other in order to be the king of the city. The two heroes were named Sura and Baya. These folk etymologies , though embraced enthusiastically by its people and city leaders, are unverifiable. Dutch residenthuis Resident House along the water in Surabaya Red Bridge area from the air in the s.

Early history[ edit ] Map of Surabaya from an English travel-guide The earliest record of Surabaya was in the book Zhu fan zhi written by Zhao Rugua , in which it was called Jung-ya-lu. Hujung Galuh was located on the estuarine of Brantas River and today is the part of modern Surabaya city and Sidoarjo Regency. By the 14th to 15th century, Surabaya seems to be one of Majapahit ports or coastal settlements, together with Tuban, Gresik, and Hujung Galuh Sidoarjo.

Ma Huan documented the early fifteenth-century visit of Zheng He ‘s treasure ships in his book Yingya Shenglan: At the estuary, the outflowing water is fresh”. He describes his travel to Majapahit capital, first he arrived to the port of Tu-pan Tuban where he saw large numbers of Chinese settlers migrated from Guangdong and Chou Chang.

Then he sailed east to thriving new trading town of Ko-erh-hsi Gresik , Su-pa-erh-ya Surabaya , and then sailing inland into the river by smaller boat to southwest until reached the Brantas river port of Chang-ku Changgu. Continued travel by land to southwest he arrived in Man-che-po-I Majapahit , where the Javanese king stay. The settlement of Ampel Denta, located around Ampel Mosque in today Ampel sub-district, Semampir district, north Surabaya, was established by a charismatic Islamic proselytizer Sunan Ampel.

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