Do you know how to make that paper? Or are you that lazy guy who sits back and hates on all the other brothers making their mullah. Stop saying guys are in the illuminati just because they have more money than you. Yes, they are in a cult and it is called hard work. Find out how the big dogs are making their money. You could learn one or two things and probably stop hating on them. Shaffie Weru, Nonini, Octopizzo among others. Get to know how they do their thing and the businesses they have started that keeps the cash coming. Treat yourself to storos from different schools, latest dance styles displayed ant the Dance Session. Most definitely the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Swahili Shakespeare ‘Hii yote ilikuwa persiut ile wanaita ya happiness Beste ni yule anakam kwako unamwachia bed Yule unaweza mwacha na dem yako na ufeel safe’ Song: Mwananchi kaa we si mvuvi tafadhali ngoja samaki sokoni vaeni binoculars na miwani bado hamnioni niwekeni kwa vitabu ndani bado hamnisomi ata mbebane watu wawili bado hamnitoshi muibe mistari zangu bado hamnicopy wale wanguvu wakitajwa hapo Rabbit hakosi na hiyo ni mimi pekee yangu solo sijataja kikosi Song: Hatari niko na mixed feelings sina mabeste wa ukweli wengi wao wamenibefriend sababu mi ushinda kwa telly Half ya wAle nilidhani ni true hata hawaniamini quarter waliobakia ni fools hata hAwajiamini wameitikia njaa iwakumbe lakini wakule stories Song: Aminia Kaa si doh maskio yangu haikaribishi udaku Unabiz ingine?

Staki kukuona Hatuonani na marafiki, kila wakati ni Betty, Sikuhizi sifanyi mziki, kisa maana Betty, Nao ukafika wakati, wazazi huu ni Betty, Wakati huu ungesaka kwa kamusi maana ya mapenzi Ungepata jina zetu Rabbit na Betty, Song:

Kevin Onimba, commonly referred to as Kaka Sungura, is a Kenyan rapper better known as his stage name, Rabbit. Sungura met Jorma Taccone, a member of The Lonely Island in February when Taccone visited Nairobi, Kenya as part of his trip for AFAR.

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The event was aired live on Kenya Television Network KTN with the news distributed to all the other major television networks in Kenya. The conference also saw the unveiling of first ever National Youth in Agribusiness Strategy — which is now being validated and domesticated at the counties to ensure alignment to County Investment and Development Plans CIDPS. The National Youth Policy provides a framework on youth matters, including employment creation, capacity building but does not specifically address youth engagement in agriculture.

Also available for download Otile Brown Alivyonipenda Feat King Kaka Official Video, Otile Brown – Baby love (Official Video) sms skiza to , King Kaka – Forget Ft. Tokodi (Official Music Video), OTILE BROWN ft BARAKAH THE PRINCE – NISEME NAWE (Official Video), Tuliza Nyavu- Susumila, Kaa La Moto, Vivonce & King Kaka.

She studied in the UK and moved back home. She has a thirst for travelling, loves all things chocolate and really loves her hair. On to the points: Have a well thought out plan before you move. What do you intend to do? Is it employment or a start up or join the family business? Then take it from there and do your research. Visit several times before you move.

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He is a Kenyan Musician, who specializes in Hip hop, a song writer,video director,executive producer and an entreprenuer. He is the last born in a family of three boys. During his tenure as the entertainment captain, Rabbit initiated major talent competitions and initiatives, amongst students at Eastleigh High School as well as other neighboring secondary schools.

The latter track received an overwhelming positive response from across the continent, despite having been written and performed in Swahili dialect.

Mar 11,  · As the guest artist, Rabbit, alias Kaka Sungura graced Mr. and Ms. KU – Ruiru Campus, a beauty pageant organized by the office of the chairman Ruiru Campus, headed by .

King Kaka, or Rabbit as some of his fans still call him, says the transition to the various monikers was gradual. Pioneer musician Nameless is one of the few artistes that still tries to command an audience in the secular music industry. Though not too drastic a change, he has tweaked his appearance since his heyday as the Megarider hit maker. He stopped wearing a durag, switched to hats, and cut his dreadlocks on the sides of his head.

But he still spots his dark sunglasses. What is not is that, like other businesses, they have to market themselves. They have to keep revamping their images to keep people curious, interested and yearning for more. And while at it, they have to make the whole package fancier and more appealing. With the ever evolving music industry, rebranding is a constant process that artistes have to keep doing every so often.

Sometimes it starts with recording and writing new music to suit a specific target audience. Other times it begins with changing the stage name. Not too wild a change that it throws fans off.

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As the guest artist, Rabbit, alias Kaka Sungura graced Mr. They hyped the crowd up with their usual finesse and experience behind the mics, creating moments to reminisce and cherish for each and every lad who attended the event. What was easy to note was the chemistry between them, they complimented each other well and exhibited the highest level of professionalism.

Fathursyah Life Of A Default The Jimi Hendrix Experience All Along The Watchtower Performed By The Classic Rock Show In The Desert Song Lyrics Canberra Musical Theatre Trillion 8d Music Ballerina In A Music Box Porto Maravilha Centro Rio De Janeiro Aapka Kya Hoga Janabe Ali Kishore Kumar Mp3 Download Mp3 Twin Peaks Soundtrack Joakim Karud Enjoy.

She is vocal, opinionated and nothing, it seems, even physical threats, can stop her from saying or doing whatever she wants. The year-old politician has been involved in controversy and no one can deny that the colourful life of Rachel Wambui Shebesh keeps gossip columnists busy. She was reportedly slapped by Governor Evans Kidero at his office in City Hall and almost a week later, she was involved in a fight with senator Mike Sonko at a city hotel.

Just before the March 4 elections, there were rumours that Sonko and Shebesh were having an affair. And in an exclusive interview last month, the senator told The Nairobian: Shebesh, however, seems not to be anywhere out of the public limelight. Embarrassing photos allegedly said to be of her have been circulating online.

The source of the photos has not been established. Mike Sonko Almost all the recent publicity about Sonko has revolved around Shebesh who apparently fell out with him weeks ago. But is there anything quiet and peaceful about the Nairobi senator? From his love of colourful, clashing attire to a Mohawk and his love for bling, Mike Mbuvi Sonko stands out like sore thumb. Sonko spends more than Sh10 million every month, helping people with problems, and when offended, he can let out some unpalatables.

The former Catholic priest lives a colourful life, drives the biggest fuel guzzlers and insists, he is a religious family man, who runs a legitimate business. Vera Sidika She sits on a fortune.

Kaka Sungura and protegee win Maisha Superstars

King of Kenyan hip hop? He has been in the industry for just three years but has already taken on heavyweights like Collo of the Kleptomaniax and believes he won the battle. Because he gave himself that title. He just woke up one day and decided that he was the best there is?

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It has adopted a lot of pop culture influences, you cannot tell a gospel song apart from a club banger. I for one feel blessed to have been born in an era where gospel music was full of teachings and the music still speaks to me to date. The likes of Gloria Muliro, Eunice Njeri, Christina Shusho, Reuben Kigame, Esther Wahome and The Kasangas although this generation would not know who these are , have over the past released music that is touching and that can be related to in every aspect.

These are people we can gladly say, we know exactly what they are doing in the industry and whom we can call gospel artistes. Over the years, everything has changed and many artistes who claim to be gospel artistes have been releasing more of club banging music rather than music that speaks to the soul. Some of the newbies in the industry have clearly just messed everything up in the name of releasing music that is understood by the current generation.

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Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now. Subscribe This might not be good news to the newly formed TeamMafisilet. Kaka Sungura is one of coolest, Hunkiest and most fly rapper the country can boast of. As a matter of facts ,when put against Juliani, Papa Jones and Octopizzo- Kaka might not beat them all lyrically but would do with looks,body,swag…..

Giant Swahili rabbit snail – Time lapse of this snail eating some hair algae. mp3 Quality: Good Download.

He shares his charm and oh Because I have a story: My humble beginning, my failures, my struggles. Young people only see the success. My story could inspire young minds to strive. How humble was your humble beginning? I started from one shilling — literally. I still recall the days I would be super broke. You know, one time I had nothing in my pocket and I had to borrow Sh It felt so bad; I promised myself that I will never ask for monetary help again.

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