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This is a disambiguation page. Please ensure all ambiguation remains at least seventy furlongs from this page. A Final Fantasy character in its natural habitat. Final Fantasy is a series of RPG games whose titles are often considered “the best game ever” by basement-dwelling virgins everywhere. Famous for Kentucky Fried Chocobos, stupid steampunk bullshit, and a guy named Cid in every game except the first one , Final Fantasy is sure to capture your imagination and twist it around its endlessly complex storyline until it bursts from the sheer magnitude of it all. Square Enix is not responsible for your brain in the event that this does indeed happen, and any cleanup along with its cost will be left to the original possessor of said brain. And no refunds, smartass. Titles Uncyclopedia has a page almost about each of the games if we don’t count all the prequels, sequels and other interesting things that aren’t here. If you are looking for the first game, see Final Fantasy I. If you are looking for the second game that really is the second game, see Final Fantasy II.

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Released in , is the seventh installment in the Final Fantasy series and the game is the first in the series to use 3D computer graphics, featuring fully rendered characters on pre-rendered backgrounds, and was the first game in the main series to be released in Europe. As the story progresses, Cloud and his allies become involved in a larger world-threatening conflict, facing off against Sephiroth, the game’s main antagonist.

The game was originally intended for release on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but was moved to the Nintendo

Final Fantasy VII Remake is an upcoming action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4. It is a remake of the PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII.

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Final Fantasy VII is a role-playing video game developed by Square for the PlayStation console. It is the seventh main installment in the Final Fantasy series. Published in Japan by Square, it was released in other regions by Sony Computer Entertainment, and became the first in the main series to see a .

Unlike ports of the original game released for computers and other high-definition platforms, the game is a full remake built from the ground-up, featuring full polygonal graphics as opposed to the pre-rendered environments of the original. Unlike the ‘ Active Time Battle ‘ system of the original, the remake appears to use a real-time battle system similar to the Kingdom Hearts series, which allows players to freely control Cloud or one of his allies as they use their respective weapons to attack enemies.

Players will also be able to use magic and summons, and a Limit Break gauge allows characters to perform more powerful attacks once charged. Producer Yoshinori Kitase stated that while the game has more real-time elements, there would still be strategic elements, such as selecting weapons and magic for each character to wield. On both occasions, it was stated by Square Enix staff that no remake was in development. Once the XIII series ended, the team were free to pursue other projects.

All three were reaching a stage of life that they defined as “that age”: It was the first time Uematsu and Kitase had worked together since the release of Final Fantasy X, and Kitase initially thought Uematsu would refuse as he had long since left Square Enix and found success as an independent composer. He revealed that Kitase himself thought Nomura expected to become director. With this in mind, they decided to do a full remake, rebuilding the game systems to suit modern tastes and using current gaming technology to recreate the world of VII.

With this in mind, the battle system will draw from that action-based style while not going over to an entirely action-based system.


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May 07,  · Yep, you read the title right. This is the, never before seen, Sephiroth and Aeris Gold Saucer dating scene! It’s a dream come true for Aeris/Sephiroth shipp.

With the exception of Tifa, I have burned that to a DVD which I watch every night and then lay there fantasizing about Tifa coming to Cloud’s room once more saying she was lonely and cold and that is just a recipe for some red hot lovin’. I then put on my robe and wizard hat over the Cloud Strife wig I’ve personally styled and then gaze up at the Tifa wall scroll conveniently placed above my bed and masturb–I mean uh what–Oh look at that there’s more to this reply better keep reading and just ignore that bit you just read there.

All horseplay aside, dating Aeris was a given, Tifa required little effort, Yuffie a bit more, you see she was underage and being a ninja was a bit harder to catch–ok I just cannot take this topic seriously any more than the fact that dating Barret is even option. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Cloud however optional had to bathe in a small tub with 10 other guys in order to obtain items to crossdress for the sake of saving Tifa.

In which instance it’s a possibility for Cloud to be chosen by the Don and then continuing this trend of debauchery let you almost kiss Don Cornholeo. Where does it end? They’ve satisfied the Yaoi fans, why stop there? Why not skip to a lustful scene of what sexual acts Tifa and Aeris are actually engaging in. Maybe Tifa is getting turned into a block of swiss cheese by all of Don’s little lackeys and their funlogs meanwhile Aeris is left alone to play with her bajingo and then to keep the Yuri fans from storming off since Aeris and Tifa obviously haven’t had been vitiated enough nor had their gluttonous fill of intimacy yet give them a lesbian scene.

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The first is a Clear Sphere. What this one does, is removes any stat sphere on the grid. Once it is removed, you can then place any other stat enhancing sphere in its place. This will then affect anyone who has activated the node so far. Not too bad of an idea really. But do not look for these, until further into the game.

Dec 12,  · Final Fantasy Sim date RPG. Final Fantasy Sim date RPG. Newgrounds. Login / Sign Up. Movies Games Audio Art Portal Community Your Feed. Final Fantasy Simdate RPG. Need to brush up on your dating skills? Try these saucy simulators! FEATURED CONTENT. Games Movies Audio Art Channels Users. thesupermecha OK. Lashmush Here, have /10(K).

He is known for being laid back, loyal, of a kind disposition as well as having high class combatative skills. It it also known that she has or had some sort of relationship with Zack. He is responsible for much of Zack’s military training. However he still managed to become good friends with Zack and respected both him and Sephiroth greatly.

Genesis Info A man with connections to the Deepground Soldier, an experimental project with experiments pre-dating and relating to Sepriroth. However his existance has been erased by the time of FF7. Yet to find out about his past, he is highly respected by all that know him. However this all changes when he encounters the truths to his past in Nibelheim.

Tseng Info A member of the Turks, he was put in charge of the Nibelheim incident as well as the pursuit of Zack and Cloud. President ShinRa Info Head of the ShinRa company, which has grown from being a small weapons manufacturer to a multinational corporation due to the implementation of Mako Reactors. His main priority with ShinRa is purely monetary, and sees Sephiroth has a key figure to maintain this need adequately. He regards the Turks as obselete and uses the ShinRa army to muscle his way when he needs to.

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I used this guide and it worked for me: Are you willing to put in the greatest effort in order to take this strong man home? As for Yuffie, there are no general guidelines. Buy a flower from Aeris. Say to Jessie that you’re “Looking forward to it” after she tells you about the train.

Dec 09,  · For Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, Gold Saucer Date Guide by TFergusson. Menu. Well, I can give a full list of things to do to guarantee dating one of the two. However, you shouldn’t feel you have to follow them religiously: there is a fair amount of leeway available in where and when you get your points. Also, heartfelt thanks 92%(20).

Cloud’s portrait in Before Crisis. I began to think I was different His father died when he was young and he was raised by his mother. Cloud had no close friends, and perhaps as a coping mechanism, convinced himself he was superior to the other village children and so didn’t care for their company. He had a crush on Tifa, but hated her friends, calling them immature. Although the two consider each other and are considered by others to be childhood friends, by Tifa’s own account they were not close growing up, despite him having been her neighbor.

When Cloud was nine, Tifa’s mother died, and Tifa insisted she could meet her by crossing Mt. Cloud followed her and when she took a misstep, he tried to catch her but they both fell. He escaped unharmed but Tifa’s life was in grave danger. The townsfolk believed the expedition up the mountain to have been Cloud’s idea, and Tifa’s father forbade Cloud from approaching her.

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But last time I played, it was with Tifa. After the ‘Keystone’ event, there is a dating sequence at the Gold Saucer. Up until now, the CPU has been keeping track of how Cloud has been behaving towards the other characters. If Cloud is nicer to one character than he is to another, he will date that character. If you got Yuffie early on in the game, she also becomes a possible ‘girlfriend’ for that night.

And yes, if you’re mean to all the women in your party, but nice to Barret, he’ll date you no, it’s not like that!

Final Fantasy I Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy IX Final Final Fantasy VII Guides Gold Saucer Date Night. Barret has the lowest. This means that if you don’t work to change your affinity levels, you will probably end up dating Aeris, or possibly Tifa. To ensure that you will have the.

Chronicles Of Magic is set in a fantasy world, but lacks elves, dwarves, etc. The exception to this is Magic itself, which is an actual living being that imparts its power on others. The Edge Chronicles differs from the standard by relying more on Minovsky Physics than Functional Magic , emphasising goblins and trolls over elves only get brief mentions and dwarves a type of goblin , and having really weird steampunk technology in the last book. It’s powered by crystallised lightning. The Empire of the Petal Throne setting, used in both game and novels, is distinctly non-standard, with no elves, dwarves, trolls, or anything similar to European fantasy, by design.

The Etched City by K. Gormenghast is set in a sprawling city castle complex yet the timeless, routine, indolent nature in which the castle is maintained means it could be in any time period from High Medieval to Victorian. There is no apparent magic or magical races , yet once you get beyond the Earldom of Gormenghast, the world is fairly modern or steampunk , complete with sky scrapers.

Stephen Hunt’s Jackelian Series. No elves as such although dwarves are mentioned in passing ; while there are various monsters, they’re decidedly different. There are, however, quite a few non-standard sapient races, including talking animals. And the kingdom and empire are both morally grey.

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