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I never thought I could be happy again and then I met you. You changed everything for me. I love you so much. I loved her more than I ever thought I could love somebody else. Stefan and Elena were the original and main couple of the series. Stefan originally returned to town to get to know Elena after saving her from a car accident. They instantly fell in love and began a romantic relationship in season 1, which became strained when Damon fell in love with Elena and Katherine returned to win Stefan back. Though they continuously reassured each other and remained loyal throughout seasons 1 and 2. They fell out of contact at the end of season 2, when Stefan left to save his brothers life. Though they stayed faithful to each other, whilst Elena searched for him, until Damon kissed Elena.

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I refuse to change you. As for the Augustine mythology, Elena learns her dad taught Wes everything he knows and that Grayson Gilbert was trying to heal a little girl named Megan. Now that the couple is no more, will it push Elena toward Stefan? Or will Katherine swoop in and steal his heart from her death bed? Her point of view is being influenced a bit by dating the bad boy. What if I make her bad?

From September 10, , when The Vampire Diaries premiered on the CW network, to March 10, , when the last episode aired, this supernatural series ruled the airwaves, with episodes spread across 8 series was a hit, hooking a massive loyal audience from the pilot episode. While fans kept following the love triangle that was Elena, Damon, and Stefan, the cast worked harder.

The episode starts with a voice-over, which is said by Stefan Salvatore. He says; ” For over a century now I have lived in secret: Until now I am a vampire, and this is my story,” Outside of Mystic Falls, a young couple, Darren Malloy and Brooke Fenton, were just driving home from and unknown concert. They were having a good-natured arguement about one of the members of the band in the concert.

As they admit there true feelings for each other, they mysteryliosly notice fog thickining around them and then suddenly they hit a dark, hoodied figure who was standing in the middle of the road. With shock , Darren tells Brooke to get help while he goes and has a loook at the body. As he climbs out of the car, he runs over to the bodie and looks at the ring he is wearing. Suddenly the man jumps up and the attacks Darren.

Failing to get no signal on her phone , Brooke gets out, calling for Darren. But no one is to be seen. All of a sudden , Darren’s body is dropped onto the hood of the car.

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A bitter smile curved his lips at the idea. He knew better than to hope for that. There would never be a place where he could belong completely, where he could truly be himself. Unless he chose to belong to the shadows.

After becoming a vampire, Elena broke up with Stefan as she could no longer fight her heightened feelings for Damon. They eventually slept together. They eventually slept together. It was discovered that because of Elena’s feelings for Damon, a sire bond had been created between them.

Born Damon Salvatore is the older brother of Stefan Salvatore. He was 24 in when he became a vampire. Damon fought in the Civil War for the Confederates but left some time after Katherine Pierce arrived to stay at the Salvatore house. This doesn’t help his already strained relationship with his father, Giuseppe , who obviously prefers Stefan’s obedience to Damon’s laid back, rebellious demeanor. Damon does, however, have a good relationship with his brother, until both of them become involved with Katherine.

When the town begins rounding up vampires, Damon trusts Stefan to help protect Katherine, but instead, Stefan wrongly trusts their father, which gets Katherine captured. They’re shot and killed by Giuseppe but come back in transition. Damon is immediately upset for Stefan’s part in what happened, and the fact that Katherine gave him her blood as well since Damon was told it was only him.

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Their love came to an end in Season 2, but when it was at its best, these two were Mystic Falls RelationshipGoals. In “The Sacrifice,” Rose took a werewolf bite for Damon, leading to a friends-with-benefits situation that went far beyond sex. A close friendship formed between Rose and Damon, which made her demise that much more of a downer.

He held her as she died, and her loss affected him for several episodes that followed.

Mar 15,  · With Jeremy’s death in her rearview mirror, a humanity-free Elena stepped back into her old cheerleader outfit in Thursday’s Vampire Diaries and not only went to town on the helpless.

Bonnie is tired of walking on eggshells since Elena rejected Damon and is ready to give him a few lessons. I suck at summaries! I’m glad you guys like the last chapter! And I’m glad that most of you won’t mind if some chapters are longer than others! I’ll use it to my advantage insert evil laugh here I’m grateful for all the reviews, favs and follows. You guys are sweet! Nope, I do not own the characters. Bonnie was getting impatient.

Damon hadn’t texted her that he was back as yet. And if he let her know that he was back she wouldn’t have to do the locator spell. Bonnie looked to her side and saw Elena looking through the window. She seems so concerned. Elena was always concerned.

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That’s the difference between the two of them. Stefan is a needy manipulative jerk, who wanted Katherine, Elena, his father and his mother to Liebe him at the expense of Damon. Well I do think Damon is the best for Elena. Well, the fact that Damon is such a selfless person. And I do want Damon to be loved Von everyone and there is this one person that will Liebe him no matter what and that, that Liebe can change him.

May 19,  · This past season of The Vampire Diaries wasn’t exactly what we’d call smooth sailing, but now that the Other Side is gone, the Traveler story (finally) came to an end, and we have some.

Are you as thrilled as Stefan to have him back? Are you pissed off that Bonnie didn’t make it back? Do you miss Enzo? Why is Jo immune to compulsion?? Do you like LivTyler? Or do you prefer Steven Tyler? Lots of questions basically! However I am now firmly in the “Elena shouldn’t be with either brother” club.

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Damon came back to Mystic Falls with the sole purpose of bringing back Katherine, the vampire with whom he had fallen in love as a human, and whom he believed had been entombed by Emily Bennett along with all the other vampires in Mystic Falls in Elena constantly forgave Damon from doing horrible things to her, such as killing Jeremy with no guarantee that he would come back, or feeding her vampire blood to ensure she would become a vampire and not die.

Elena has admitted she sees the good in Damon and believes he’s worth saving. Elena began to reciprocate Damon’s feelings for her, though not as strongly. She is another person beside Alaric to call Damon a friend.

Dec 01,  · Second Damon and Elena will be together, but Damon will probably find a way to intentionally or unintentionally f**k it up! You definitely need Status: Resolved.

Does Damon love Elena? I can only answer for the TV series. The big shocker for everyone if you haven’t seen was the ending of episode 8 of season 2 called “ROSE” Elena had been captured by two vampires named Rose and Trevor who wanted to take her to Elisha. Elena reaches out to grab the necklace Please give it back. Damon pulls it away from her I just have to say something- Why do you have to say it with me necklace?

W- Because what I’m about to say is Damon don’t go there. Elena backing up No. I just have to say it once you just need to hear it.

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The series was a hit, hooking a massive loyal audience from the pilot episode. While fans kept following the love triangle that was Elena, Damon, and Stefan, the cast worked harder to bag an impressive number of awards. Notably, The Vampire Diaries received numerous nominations, winning many awards. Vampire Diaries was a fan magnet for impressively balancing horror, soap opera, and drama by serving a rich story, which sometimes became confusing with new preternatural solutions.

Commonly known as the Originals, the original vampires are a group of extremely powerful vampires who were the first of their bloodline, and the first vampire generation. As a result, they are the oldest, fastest, most powerful, and strongest vampires.

Dec 20,  · After becoming a vampire, Elena breaks up with Stefan as she could no longer fight her heightened feelings for Damon. They eventually slept together. It was discovered that because of Elena’s feelings for Damon, a sire bond had been created between : Resolved.

So when you see, you want it to win. And when all is said and done, after going through such a trauma, to be able to grow old and die with your one true love is a beautiful solace in an otherwise difficult time. And you could see it onscreen. It was a very tumultuous back-and-forth relationship. His love for Elena makes him want to protect his birthtown instead of destroying it, as was his original purpose when he arrived.

They form a rocky friendship. Elena has admitted she sees the good in Damon and believes he’s worth saving. Elena begins to reciprocate Damon’s feelings for her, though continues to love Stefan. Their friendship deepens, leading to them becoming best friends.

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Hey, Miss avoiding me for three days. In , there was a vampire roundup in Mystic Falls. I’m bad with dates. Word on the street is that you sold out many vampires, including your best friend Pearl and her daughter Annabelle. I was running from Klaus.

The Vampire Diaries, a one-hour American supernatural drama, was renewed for a fourth season by the U.S. channel The CW on May 3, , seven days before the third season’s finale. Unlike the previous seasons that aired in September, it premiered on October 11, , to avoid competition from major television shows.

November 16, Fans of Delena are still struggling to find a reason behind Elena’s decision to erase her lovey-dovey moments with Damon. Fans of Steroline are also craving for some beautiful moments between Stefan and Caroline even as their friendship appears edgy. Meanwhile, Candice Accola has teased that there is hope for Steroline in CW’s smash hit supernatural drama. In an interview with TV Guide , Accola said that the fight between her character and the younger Salvatore is natural and this is “what happens in life.

Sometimes you can’t and friendships are just lost, but when there’s grief being experienced, that’s a good place to start in rebuilding their friendship because it brings reality to the situation. She’s still very hurt, and he has amends to make, so we’ll see in the coming episodes whether they can find a way to repair their friendship,” Plec told E Online. So Steroline fans need to stay patient while the couple rebuild their relationship and start hooking up again.

Coming back to Delena, the elder Salvatore vampire put his own life at risk to escape from the Other Side while Bonnie literally sacrificed her own desires in order to let her dead friends reunite. However, when Damon returns home, he is more than heartbroken to see his brother live a fake life in order to avoid the pain of losing his big brother and the Mystic Falls to the Travellers. Elena, on the other hand, has moved on after Alaric tweaked her memories and is now getting cosy with another guy, Liam.

But this is not the end of their toxic romance as the Salvatore vampire will keep taking the love of his life down memory lane to make her remember the sweet romance they shared and the passionate moments they lived. The Gilbert daughter is now regretting her decision of wiping away Damon’s memories and is willing to do everything it takes to get them back.

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Things between Elena Nina Dobrev and Damon Ian Somerhalder are rockier than ever following Elena’s discovery that Damon had been secretly killing off Whitmore family members as part of his sketchy Augustine past, as recently as several months prior when they were happily together. Wes Maxfield’s Rick Cosnett medical slab and learning that Damon’s former friend Enzo Michael Malarkey , whom he betrayed, is actually alive and kicking. In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter previewing the fall finale, executive producer Caroline Dries discusses Elena’s sticky situation, Damon and Elena’s shaky future and pairing up Katherine and Stefan.

What is the overarching theme for the fifth season that has helped shape the arcs? We knew that it would be a season of Elena dating Damon and what does it means to date the bad boy.

Oct 24,  · Just that Stefan leaves Elena (who turns from human to vampire, then she dies and comes back as an angel) because he wants to spend his life with Elena as a human. He is basically tricked, but Damon and Elena’s friends help her and they get back together. In the TV series: I think, within a few episodes, Elena-Stefan will definitely patch : Resolved.

But then again, nothing about Elena has been expected since she got turned into a vampire. But could it all be part of an elaborate plan by Damon, or is it just a surprise connection that he hasn’t even realized it yet. It wasn’t until the closing moments of the episode that Caroline figured it out and shared it with Stefan. She’d been putting together the puzzle pieces of why Elena seemed to always agree with Damon, even when it meant abruptly changing her mind.

Somehow, as Damon was the one that turned her, Elena is now sired to Damon. Earlier in the night, she’d had to move out of her house because Jeremy’s new Hunter abilities is clouding his judgment — he’d already tried to kill her once. When she moved in with the Salvatores, Stefan left, because she’d already told him she had to choose Damon. So while Caroline was having her revelation, Elena and Damon were getting into bed together. It’s a hook-up years in the making, but is it real?

Does Damon know Elena is sired to him, and if so — how horrible is that? Find out how it plays out as “The Vampire Diaries” continues on Thursdays at 8 p. ET on The CW. TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser.

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